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[postfix-jp:935] Fwd: Postfix 20010228 Patch 04 available


Postfix 20010228 Patch 04出てます。

>Postfix official release 20010228 patch 04 fixes all known problems
>that will also be fixed in an upcoming snapshot release. Details
>are given below the signature.
>The official Postfix release does not change except for bugfixes;
>new features are introduced in Postfix snapshots. The snapshots
>eventually evolve into the next official release.
>The patch is too large for distribution via email. The patch, as
>well as a fully patched version of the source code, will be made
>available via the usual sites listed on the www.postfix.org web
>Primary site:
>    ftp://ftp.porcupine.org/mirrors/postfix-release/official
>   989045 Jul 31 17:30 postfix-20010228-pl04.tar.gz        Source
>      152 Jul 31 17:30 postfix-20010228-pl04.tar.gz.sig    PGP signature
>   175045 Jul 31 17:13 postfix-20010228-pl04.HISTORY       Change log
>    33580 Mar 29 14:57 postfix-20010228-pl04.RELEASE_NOTES Release notes
>    17081 Jul 31 17:25 postfix-20010228-patch04.gz         Source patch
>Or, point your web browser at:
>    ftp://ftp.porcupine.org/mirrors/postfix-release/index.html
>Happy Postfixing!
>        Wietse
>	Bugfix: updated LDAP client module from LaMont Jones, HP.
>	This also introduces new LDAP query filter patterns: %u
>	(address localpart) and %d (domain part). Files:
>	conf/sample-ldap.cf, util/dict_ldap.c.
>	Bugfix: recursive smtpd_whatever_restrictions clobbered
>	intermediate results when switching between sender and
>	recipient address restrictions. Problem found by Victor
>	Duchovni, morganstanley.com. In order to fix, introduced
>	address resolver result caching, which should also help to
>	speed up sender/recipient address restriction processing.
>	Bugfix: the not yet announced DUNNO access table lookup
>	result did not prevent lookups with substrings of the same
>	lookup key. Found by Victor Duchovni, morganstanley.com.
>	Robustness: trim trailing whitespace from regexp and pcre
>	right-hand sides, for consistency with DB/DBM tables.
>	Files: util/dict_pcre.c, util/dict_regexp.c.
>	Robustness: eliminate duplicate IP addresses after expansion
>	of hostnames in $inet_interfaces, so that Postfix does not
>	suddenly refuse to start up after someone changes the DNS.

Yasuo Fukuda  DDS, PhD
Clinical Laboratory Osaka University Dental Hospital

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