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[postfix-jp:01270] mynetworks table

$B:G6a$N(B snapshot $B$r8+$k$H(B
(B# You can also specify the absolute pathname of a pattern file instead
(B# of listing the patterns here. Specify type:table for table-based lookups
(B# (the value on the table right-hand side is not used).
(B#mynetworks =,
(B#mynetworks = $config_directory/mynetworks
(B#mynetworks = hash:/etc/postfix/network_table
$B$H$$$&$h$&$J5-=R$,$"$k$N$G$9$,!":G8e$N(B db $B$r;H$&J}K!$N>l9g(B
$B;3Fb(B $BJ~9@(B		handy@xxxxxxxxx

[postfix-jp:01271] Re: mynetworks table, IKEDA Nozomu

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