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[postfix-jp:01357] Re: Postfix version 1.1.0 available



>- Create a group "postdrop" with a group id that is not used by
>  any other user account. Not even by the postfix user account.
>  My group file entry looks like:
>    postdrop:*:54321:
>  NB: this group was optional with older Postfix releases; it is
>  now required.
>- Run one of the following commands as the super-user:
>    # make install       (interactive version, first time install)
>    # make upgrade       (non-interactive version, for upgrades)


make upgradeしたら setgid_groupname と manualのinstall
pathが設定されてない、と文句言われましたので結局 make

Yasuo Fukuda  DDS, PhD
Clinical Laboratory Osaka University Dental Hospital

[postfix-jp:01356] Postfix version 1.1.0 available, IKEDA Nozomu

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