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[postfix-jp:03991] Re: キュー にたまったメール

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 23:57:55 +0900 (JST)
wind <wind@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

| #postfix flush
| で、キューが再送されます。

特別な事情がない限りdeferred queueをflushすべきではないです。qmgrに任せ

|  It becomes a problem when an uninformed person starts to flush the
|  queue, though. Postfix sucks up a lot of old undeliverable mail
|  all at once, and pretty much nothing gets delivered.
|  Wouldn't it be nice if Postfix could be made more idiot proof.
|  One (quota) is to allow no more than some percentage of the active
|  queue to come from the deferred queue; another (pre-emption) is to
|  ignore the deferred queue as long as there is mail in the incoming
|  queue. The second can result in anomalous delays.
|  	Wietse

Tomoyuki Sakurai - Tomi -
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