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[postfix-jp:01489] Postfix-1.1.5 Release


Postfix 1.1.5 が出てます。

Postfix version 1.1 patch 05 fixes only minor problems.

- With patch 04, automatic change detection of DBM files was slightly
  broken (incremental updates would no longer be detected).  The
  fix is to use separate file handles for locking and for change

- The trivial-rewrite server could dereference a dangling pointer
  after stripping a source route (@domain,domain:) from an address
  while append_at_myorigin=no. Although this setting is unsupported,
  Postfix should not SIGSEGV anyway.

- The SMTP server replied with 552 (too much mail) when rejecting
  mail content. The SMTP standard defines no reply code for this
  situation, but one could argue that 550 is more appropriate. And
  so it shall be.

池田 望 (IKEDA Nozomu)   ike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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