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[postfix-jp:02166] Re: TLSでつまづいています。

> やはり、プライベートキーが暗号化されていると
> いけないのでしょうか?

tlsパッチではprivate keyは暗号化しないことになっているようです。

> One more possibility for protection is a passphrase.
> This is however a problem, as you have to enter it 
> everytime the server has to be started. This has to
> drawbacks: firstly you would have to enter it to
> postfix everytime you restart it, which I find quite
> impractical for an unattended server which might
> restart automatically after a power outage.
> Secondly the smtpd processes are independently 
> started from master, so that master would have to
> pass the passphrase to the clients somehow. 
> Alltogether I think this is impractical and so I
> don't support by software.

起動時の復号処理の問題から、private keyの暗号化はしない

openssl rsa -in newreq.pem -out privkey.pem
などとして復号化したprivate keyファイルを

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